Important notes on fitting the billboard.

When you come to fit the billboard, please ensure that the outside temperature is not below 15°C and not above 25°C.

Please first attach the adhesive tape to the garage door and wait for 48 hours before affixing the poster. This will give the adhesive enough time to set. Please do NOT stretch the „hook-and-loop“ fasteners when attaching them; just stick them on as usual. If you overstretch the fasteners, you run the risk of ripple formation at a later date.

We would like to point out expressly that the colours may be subject to bleaching, depending on exposure to sunlight and weather conditions. For technical production reasons this is unfortunately impossible to prevent.

Your complete set.

Your garage billboard comes supplied with separate, self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners and can be fitted right away.

What you need for fitting: possibly an assistant, a tape measure or folding rule, a felt pen, scissors or a carpet knife, a cleaning agent such as white spirit and a dry cleaning cloth. Watch out: Do not use cleaning agents containing solvents, such as acetone, formaldehyde or nitro-thinner. We strongly recommend that you first carry out a test on an inconspicuous part of the door in order to avoid damage and discolouration to the paintwork.

Measure the moving part of your garage door. In the event that the garage billboard is bigger: Please measure your garage door and transfer the dimensions to the rear of the garage billboard (centred in order to preserve the symmetry of the motif.) and then cut it to the exact size. Always cut parallel to the edge when trimming off any excess and lay the poster out on a clean underlay!

The hook-and-loop fastening tape: You now need to use the roll of hook-and-loop fastening tape supplied with the billboard. This consists of a rough part, to be affixed to the garage door (please affix it only to the moving part), and a fluffy part, to be affixed to the rear of the garage billboard. Cut lengths of both parts from the roll as required to fit the height and width of your garage door and garage billboard. Once the cleaning agent has dried, affix the rough strips to your garage door without stretching them - at the top, on the left and right-hand sides, and below. Ensure that the hook-and-loop tape is firmly and smoothly attached to your garage door. Now attach the fluffy part, without stretching it, to the rear of your garage billboard.

Attention: The surface must be free of oil, grease, dust, moisture, flaking coatings. Wait at least 48h until the Velcro parts stick absolutely firmly to the garage door and to the back of the garage tarpaulin before joining them together. The adhesive must tighten and harden.

You can now attach the garage billboard to your garage door. Start with the edge at the top: Join the two surfaces of the hook-and-loop fastener together, working slowly from the middle to both sides and applying pressure as you go. Then push the left-hand side of the garage billboard firmly into place, starting at the top and working down to the middle. Repeat on the right-hand side. Then work down the left-hand side from the middle to the bottom, repeating on the right-hand side. Finish off by fixing the garage billboard in place along the lower edge.

Now cut an aperture for the door handle. If you want to be able to open and close the garage door, you will of course need to continue to be able to get to the door handle. Locate your handle/ door lock by touch or measure its location before you start, mark the position lightly with the felt pen, take a carpet knife and cut a small cross into the garage billboard, just big enough to enable you easily to push the handle/ lock through. In the case of the garage lock, we recommend cutting out a small section at the marked point to prevent problems when opening and closing the door.

Does everything fit properly? Perfect - that was it! Your garage billboard from is ready to use! If small creases or irregularities should appear over time in the garage billboard, e.g. due to temperature fluctuations, the hook-and-loop fastener will allow you easily to make later adjustments. Enjoy your garage billboard! We will of course be happy at any time to answer any questions and respond to any suggestions that you might have.